Project-Nerd podcasters Iggy and Josh sit down to kick off a new series of Diving Deep episodes exploring the impact of the current pandemic.

In this episode Josh talks about how the current pandemic impacted him professionally. Josh talks about how his final weeks in his role were and what it took to find unemployment benefits. The conversation concludes with an introduction to Epistemic Bubbles and Echo Chambers, something the two will talk deep on in part two.

To better understand Epistemic Bubbles, Echo Chambers, and where the conversation is going, you can read and critique Josh's paper: I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It.

Project-Nerd’s Diving Deep does just that; Dives deep. With the many other podcasts being about entertainment, Diving Deep wants to learn more about a serious cause, mental health, a specific topic, or even just a specific guest. Join us every other week as we dive deep in learning about a new guest.

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