The Nerdcast team is out of the studio this weekend working hard on a new Project-Nerd web experience. Because of that, the team decided to give you a...View Details

For the third and final session of Season One of I'm Not Famous, Iggy and Kerry setup at The Iron Lion in Colorado Springs for some fun conversations....View Details

It's Bungie's world. We just live in it. Adam and Tyler take the reigns for Episode 204 of The Nerdcast by Project-Nerd with plenty to discuss. Adam c...View Details

The Project-Nerd Podcast Network is growing and diversifying. Because of that, combining most of our in-house podcasts on one feed no longer works. To...View Details

Adam and Iggy were back in studio to kickoff the new generation of The Nerdcast by Project-Nerd. The two caught up on movies they've seen recently, wh...View Details

Jackie, Ethan, and Alyssa debate the pros and cons of several popular kingdom building games. How will you rule over your fiefdom? We may have realize...View Details

Wrestling has always had a place in geek and pop-culture, and with the launch of AEWthis fall, 2019 continues to embrace it. Some of the legendary sta...View Details

The Project-Nerd team was at Colorado Springs Comic Con this past weekend, and the content was abundant. The team sat down to grab a few podcasts, inc...View Details

Cos Mama and Dee Cay get strange up in here. Cos Mama and Dee Cay are back for another G Spot in which they talk all things going on, specifically Str...View Details

Episode 201 of The Nerdcast is sponsored by PN-Skate. The Nerdcast crew is all back, but they didn't see Good Boys. Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler are all...View Details

We all know the rock opera chant, "Flash! Ah-ah. Savior of the universe." In fact, you're probably singing it not just reading it. And although Sam J...View Details

Matt Campbell, of Actionline Studios, joins Kerry and Iggy on the latest episode of I'm Not Famous. The three talk everything about comics, Matt's car...View Details

Jackie, Alyssa, and Ethan talk about games that are great for traveling. These gems have a lack of bits and are small sized. This was supposed to be o...View Details

Episode 200 of The Nerdcast is sponsored by Warfighter Engaged. This week's episode features Adam and Iggy catching up on all things geek, as well as ...View Details

Cos Mama and Dee Cay spend episode three talking Disney trailers, Disney casting, toxic lead characters, the most controversial Batman: The Animated S...View Details

Cosplayer Shannon Cornuke (Split Screen Cosplay) joins Kerry and Iggy at Muse Comics in Colorado Springs with a fun and surprising amount of informati...View Details

Adam and Iggy got together to recap San Diego Comic-Con while Tyler and Bob were out. The episode is lengthy due to the many amazing things that happe...View Details

Iggy wants to know more about you, so it's only right you know more about him. The latest Diving Deep, recorded at O Con Expo 2019, features Meeple Sk...View Details

Jackie, Ethan, and Alyssa are joined by special guests Chris and Christi from the podcast "Chrises on Infinite Earths" to discuss Super Hero themed ga...View Details

This episode of I'm Not Famous sees Kerry and Iggy sit down with Andrew Vega at Muse Comics in Colorado Springs. Andrew, owner and operator of Andrew ...View Details

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