Justin Howard takes to the airwaves to update Nerds and Geeks alike. This week's topics include Ellen DeGeneres' big announcement, the Rock and Roll H...View Details

This week, Iggy welcomes Lea, Kerry, and a duo of VoxPop Games leaders in Charles and Marc. The four talk movies, music, and even some Pokemon, as the...View Details

Our new film franchise is coming together. Kerry and Iggy welcome the phenomenal DezCreepCore for the newest episode of I'm Not Famous. Dez updates th...View Details

Project-Nerd’s Justin Howard is back for another chapter as he shares the latest in geek and pop-culture. This week, the focus is on Disney. Mouse Inc...View Details

Two Project-Nerd personalities debating today’s biggest geek and pop-culture topics. This is Versus. This week Tyler returns to debate Iggy on all thi...View Details

In this episode of I'm Not Famous, Kerry and Iggy welcome Sav Rodgers, writer, filmmaker, and founder of the Transgender Film Center. Sav helps our ho...View Details

It's another full week of pop-culture and the PN News Break has you covered. Project-Nerd’s Justin Howard breaks down the week. Elliot Page gives his ...View Details

The only Project-Nerd Podcast that starts with four guests and ends with one. This week, Q is back as host with four exciting contestants. Project-Ner...View Details

Project-Nerd: bringing families together. Iggy's Dad, Mark Michniacki, reluctantly joins Kerry and Iggy for the third installment of our furiously fas...View Details

Fresh off this year's Academy Awards, Project-Nerd's Justin Howard has returned for a recap of the awards ceremony. In a year with upsets expected to ...View Details

Project-Nerd's Justin Howard takes to the airwaves this with news in movies, tech, and conventions. HBO Max and theaters will be busy this weekend wit...View Details

Two Project-Nerd personalities debating today’s biggest geek and pop-culture topics. This is Versus. This week Q, sitting in for Tyler, joins Iggy to ...View Details

Now with fictional characters as guests. Kerry and Iggy continue their Fast and Furious themed fourth session of I'm Not Famous by welcoming smack-tal...View Details

This week on Nerdcast: Recast we EAT WHEATIES! In this episode of Nerdcast: Recast Q and Galo sit down with Producer/Actor extraordinaire, David Phill...View Details

Project-Nerd's Justin Howard breaks down the week in this episode of the News Break. This week, it's trouble in paradise as J-Lo and A-Rod S-plit. But...View Details

Project-Nerd returns four contestants for another episode of The Last Word. This week, Iggy hosts four fantastic contestants. Returning champions Dane...View Details

When the return of I'm Not Famous gets a little too Fast and oh so Furious! Kerry and Iggy are back with a new session of I'm Not Famous. This group o...View Details

It's time for Oscar Pick 'Em 2021. The entire original gang is back together to pick this year's Academy Award winners. Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler wor...View Details

Project-Nerd's Justin Howard breaks down this week's pop-culture news. This includes, Godzilla vs Kong's big opening, Taylor Swift's new album, LG bow...View Details

This week, Tyler and Iggy debate the big pop-culture topics. Was Godzilla vs Kong a hit? Will Netflix remain the king of the streaming platforms? Does...View Details

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