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It's episode... err... it's a good thing we have the numbers in the post.Even though the entire team is back for episode 17, they're having too much f...View Details

It's another exciting week on The Nerdcast.The team is all here for a discussion that turns Erin Lei into an Academy Award Winning Time Traveling Wiza...View Details

The Oscar nominees are no longer speculation. With yesterday’s announcements, we’re ready to talk about this year’s Academy Awards.The Nerdcast team b...View Details

We're diving in deep to movies this week, as episode 14 covers some very serious material to help us find... What's In The Box!?!The Nerdcast team is ...View Details

After a week hiatus, The Nerdcast team is back for more.The debate is heavy on whether it’s a new year or not, but that subject quickly changes to foo...View Details

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