ProNerd Andy asks what is The Matrix and how do we save Dune? Four contestants compete to answer those questions and more, all competing for The Last ...View Details

Buckle up Nerds. It’s horror season! Project-Nerd Personalities Galo and Iggy host a trio of horror-tastic personalities in this Rust Belt Driller spe...View Details

Project-Nerd Personalities Galo and J host director Brooke Trantor and actress Kate Morgan Chadwick ahead of their new film’s debut. Brooke and Kate t...View Details

ProNerd Q invites a trio of talented individuals to the show. Gobo Moran, Mike Kallio, and Mr. Z all talk comic conventions, the new Spider-Man traile...View Details

Project-Nerd Personalities Erin and Iggy take to the airwaves to talk with long time friend of the brand Stan Yan. The three talk about art, the conve...View Details

ProNerd Andy takes over hosting duties on The Last Word, ready to take this show to the top. In his first week of hosting he's joined by Eli, Gary, Is...View Details

The Nerdcast returns, in video, to welcome actress and nerd Eva Habermann. Eva sits down with Q and Galo to talk Lexx, Trolls World, and her new film,...View Details

ProNerd Q invites Courtney, Mia, Matthew, and Mr. Z to the PN Thunderdome where the four face off in a battle of wit. Questions include 80s and 90s no...View Details

Strap in for the Project Unreal season 2 finale! This week in the giddy gauntlet, host Q is joined by none other than Pro-Nerd Sarah Cruz, improv extr...View Details

The last week of July has delivered in big news, and we have you covered. ProNerd Iggy takes to the airwaves this week to breakdown huge happenings ac...View Details

Project Unreal is back for an exciting second season! This week in the improv emporium, host Q is joined by the two greatest improvers in the history ...View Details

Project-Nerd's Justin mans the sports desk this week with updates on the Cleveland Indians name change. The Project-Nerd News Break is a quick and eas...View Details

In this episode of The Last Word, our glorious host Q invites Sarah Cosplay Mama, Dan Bee, Skeeter, and John Devilman. The quartet of contestants answ...View Details

Project Unreal is back for an exciting second season! This week in the funny factory, host Q is joined by stand-up comedian and french history scholar...View Details

This week, Justin covers Gen Con updating their health and safety protocols for the Indianapolis portion of this year’s convention. The Project-Nerd N...View Details

In this patriotic version of The Last Word, Dana and Libby from Murder She Joked as well as Dylan and Dane from Two Guys One Film take to the free air...View Details

This week in the hilarity hostel, host Q is joined by former stand-up comedian and podcast master, Joey Strawn. Q and Joey explore the deep and heavy ...View Details

This week, Bill Cosby is released from prison and the Britney Spears Conservatorship Controversy takes a new turn. The Project-Nerd News Break is a qu...View Details

For the first time in a few episodes, your original hosts have returned with Tyler and Iggy ready to throw down on some hearty topics. Good Omens 2 is...View Details

This week in the giggle gulag, host Q is joined by entertainer extraordinaire  Haley Zimmerer. Today, Q and Haley go on a truly unreal blind date and ...View Details

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