Spider-Man doing whatever a spider... can? Avengers: Endgameis so big, the team is still talking about it. But the big question now is can it take Ava...View Details

For 2019, the Project-Nerd Team has been out and about meeting great and creative people. We had the chance to sit down with a number of those creativ...View Details

Project-Nerd has had the luxury of reaching more than 15,000 people a month with our in-house podcast feed. People enjoy new series such as Meeple Ski...View Details

Plenty of spoilers ahead! Avengers: Endgame dropped last weekend and it was a huge success. Adam, Iggy, and Tyler break it down in their spoiler fille...View Details

What else would we call it? Maybe, Podcast of Winterfell? Bob is on overtime still, so he misses a week focused specifically on Avengers: Endgameand G...View Details

Jackie and Ethan welcome a new co-host, Alyssa! They talk about all of the Games of Game of Thrones! Episode 4: “A Song of Dice and Minis” The onl...View Details

Bob had to work, so Adam, Iggy, and Tyler recruited OCon Expo's Matt to talk all the things. There was much to discuss, with Star Wars Celebration wra...View Details

The 2019 ProNerd Tour was a blast and full of amazing moments. While the Project-Nerd team was hard at work all over the place, Bob’s job was mannin...View Details

Cat Guru might have stolen the show, but the team was having too much fun to care. The team is back home from an awesome adventure at Planet Comicon. ...View Details

The team is at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this weekend. Iggy and Tyler are joined by Project-Nerd photographer, Noah, and Project-Nerd personality,...View Details

I’m Not Famous is back on a new day! Dan Chick joins Kerry and Iggy to talk about light painting, photography, art, and other geeky things. The thre...View Details

This week the new Avengers tagline, Whatever it Takes, fits Disney more than they intended. Disney seems to be the focus of all the pop-culture and me...View Details

This month, the theme is "Don’t delay, build your dungeon, army, or kingdom today!" It's not the most straightforward theme. You'll get over it. Epi...View Details

Disney ruled the week, with Galaxy’s Edge, Disney+ streaming service details, and a little movie called Captain Marvel. The Nerdcast crew breaks dow...View Details

It’s the post Oscars episode, and the entire team is embarrassed. With the lowest scores to date, the team reflects on what happened at the show, in...View Details

Project-Nerd’s newest podcast, Now Streaming, is a day late and a dollar short, but still full of what is ahead. We’re already three months into 2...View Details

Every year The Nerdcast team goes head-to-head in predicting the winners in all 24 Academy Award categories, and each year it gets ugly. Well, not tha...View Details

What was meant for 90 days, went 15 years. The Nerdcast gives a quick shoutout to the little rover that could. Opportunity made it fifteen years but i...View Details

Jackie and Ethan have opinions on board games, and this month’s episode theme is "Get your loved one a rock!" They review Spirits of the Wild, Sple...View Details

The 2018 ProNerd Tour was a blast, and full of plenty of amazing moments. While the Project-Nerd team was hard at work all over the place, Bob’s job...View Details

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