Archive for October 2020

In this episode of Diving Deep, Iggy dives into the voting process, specifically why one vote does actually matter. Through a breakdown of the Elector...View Details

The whole gang is here, as Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler get caught up on all things geek and pop-culture. DCEU bashing? The Nerdcast has it. James Bond ...View Details

In this episode of Diving Deep, Iggy dives solo into the realm of Conspiracy Theories. The episode covers some of the big theories, why they are runni...View Details

Adam and Tyler return for the TNA show (it means Tyler-aNd-Adam perverts!). The duo carry this week's conversation with what is happening in geek and ...View Details

In this short episode of Diving Deep, Iggy takes a solo dive into what's happening with the supreme court, how replacing Ginsberg with Barrett impacts...View Details

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