Archive for September 2021

ProNerd Q leads a group of adventure seekers on a journey through movies, television shows, trailers, and candy. Chris Pratt as Mario, Mike Myers retu...View Details

Project-Nerd hosts Q and Iggy invite filmmaker Sean Cunningham to the show. The trio recap their time together, pre-pandemic, talk plenty of Nic Cage,...View Details

ProNerd Andy asks what is The Matrix and how do we save Dune? Four contestants compete to answer those questions and more, all competing for The Last ...View Details

Buckle up Nerds. It’s horror season! Project-Nerd Personalities Galo and Iggy host a trio of horror-tastic personalities in this Rust Belt Driller spe...View Details

Project-Nerd Personalities Galo and J host director Brooke Trantor and actress Kate Morgan Chadwick ahead of their new film’s debut. Brooke and Kate t...View Details

ProNerd Q invites a trio of talented individuals to the show. Gobo Moran, Mike Kallio, and Mr. Z all talk comic conventions, the new Spider-Man traile...View Details

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