Archive for February 2014

We're back for some Academy Award predictions... but not before a few key items.We open Episode 7 with a big 2014 ProNerd Tour announcement and then w...View Details

It's Nerdcast week!We're dropping another episode of the Nerdcast for you, and this time we're back in studio to talk about movie trailers, bad predic...View Details

More Project:LEX coverage from the Nerdcast!Project-Nerd was behind the scenes recently for Project:LEX, and we had so much content we couldn't fit it...View Details

We're back with another special edition early episode release of The Nerdcast, and it's another fun episode from Behind the Scenes at Project:LEX.Livi...View Details

We have a special edition, early broadcast of The Nerdcast Season 3: The Search for Season 2.John Detty (from Detty Cosplay) and Stephen Lynch (o...View Details

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