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Season 3: The Search for Season 2 has been truly epic. Considering this is technically only our second season we have hit numbers we never thought pos...View Details

A week after The Nerdcast crew got serious, and a week after Season 3 broke 12,000 listens, the entire team went random!Episode 27 is our most random ...View Details

A day after the passing of Robin Williams the Nerdcast crew got together to discuss the many amazing movies and memories the comedian left behind.Even...View Details

Fresh off the biggest August movie ever, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Nerdcast crew prepares for Michael Bay's destruction of the Teenage Mutant Ninja...View Details

The Movie Night with Project-Nerd Podcast has returned with an entirely new theme.   Movie Night with Project-Nerd is all about movies! From favorite ...View Details

The Nerdcast returns with a Comic-Con International wrap-up episode sure to knock your socks off.The team talks all things San Diego, wrapping up the ...View Details

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