The Movie Night with Project-Nerd Podcast has returned with an entirely new theme.
Movie Night with Project-Nerd is all about movies! From favorite movies to favorite genres to favorite actors and directors. It’s all about what the guests want to talk about, and it’s all about nerding out.
Movie Night with Project-Nerd: Guardians of the Galaxy
This edition of Movie Night with Project-Nerd is all about Marvel's newest hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. The biggest August release ever belongs to Rocket and Groot with a four day pull breaking $100 million. The entire Nerdcast crew saw it (some multiple times) opening weekend and we had plenty to say about it. All favorable but we did find some things to complain about... barely.
Much like any other Movie Night with Project-Nerd, spoilers will be found in this episode. So be warned.
For more on Movie Night with Project-Nerd, check out the Project-Nerd Productions page.
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