Archive for March 2019

The team is at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this weekend. Iggy and Tyler are joined by Project-Nerd photographer, Noah, and Project-Nerd personality,...View Details

I’m Not Famous is back on a new day! Dan Chick joins Kerry and Iggy to talk about light painting, photography, art, and other geeky things. The three ...View Details

This week the new Avengers tagline, Whatever it Takes, fits Disney more than they intended. Disney seems to be the focus of all the pop-culture and me...View Details

This month, the theme is "Don’t delay, build your dungeon, army, or kingdom today!" It's not the most straightforward theme. You'll get over it. Episo...View Details

Disney ruled the week, with Galaxy’s Edge, Disney+ streaming service details, and a little movie called Captain Marvel. The Nerdcast crew breaks down ...View Details

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