Our man Brian Pulido from Coffin Comics, best known for Lady Death, is always up to something. Lucky for you, we were able to get some insight into what that something is.

Brian took some time out of his busy schedule to talk all things Hellwitch, Lady Death, Coffin Comics, and his co-owned Comic Con with Project-Nerd's Adam. The two chatted for a while and got fully immersed in the world that Brian has created.

For those interested in the newest project from Coffin Comics, Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1, it will drop on Kickstarter October 23rd at 7 PM PST. We have some exclusive photos for you at Project-Nerd.com!

To learn more about what is happening at Coffin Comics, you can check them out on Facebook or at ladydeathstore.com!

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