It's easy to acknowledge how badly we miss conventions and festivals. So while we're waiting for future events to return, we continue to share the interviews from our recent shows attended, including The Front Range Film Festival.

Jakes Jordaan and Martin Soderhamn were in attendance promoting their pilot (short film) Apex Survival: The Expedition. The Apex Survival series not only explores the mysteries of the vanishing Great White shark in South African waters, but also the growing relationships among three strong, independent women forming special bonds while overcoming doubts and fears as they prepare to free-dive (no cage/no scuba) with a Great White.

Iggy sat down with the two to talk all things film, sharks, and the awesome personalities found within Apex Survival.

For more that happened at the Front Range Film Festival 2020, as well as at other awesome events Project-Nerd has attended, take a look at ourĀ ProNerd Tour category.

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