For 2019, the Project-Nerd Team has been out and about meeting great and creative people. In Omaha we ran into the local talent, Dr. San Guinary.

Dr. San Guinary hosts a late night Omaha show entitled Creature Feature. The show debuted in Omaha on KMTV in 1971. An immediate hit with young and old alike, the program featured director John Jones as Dr. San Guinary, host of late night horror classics. Project-Nerd's Tyler chatted with Dr. San Guinary to catch up on all the details.

The Interview Lounge at the Project-Nerd Pavilion was powered by Phineas Coffee, a startup coffee company focused on delivering top tier coffee to dedicated gamers.

For more that happened at O Con Expo 2019 and other awesome events Project-Nerd attended this year, take a look at our ProNerd Tour category.

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