Jackie and Ethan have opinions on board games, and this month's episode focuses on children's games that won't make an adult want to gouge their own eyes out. They review Hey, That's My Fish!, Trash Pandas, and Sushi Go!

Episode 1: Who's Fish Is It, Anyway?

  • The Friend or Foe Scale
  • Hey, That's My Fish!
  • Trash Pandas
  • Background sneezes from an adorable dog
  • Sushi Go!
  • RPG Corner: Pathfinder v.2 Playtest
  • Kickstarter Highlight: Oceans
  • Kickstarter Highlight: Tsuro, Phoenix Rising
  • An opportunity to psychoanalyze a moderately successful? marriage

Meeple Skills is Project-Nerd's only tabletop gaming podcast which makes it the best by default. You can follow the Podcast on Twitterand Instagram. You can follow Ethan on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. You can follow Jackie on Twitter.

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