The Movie Night with Project-Nerd Podcast has returned with an entirely new theme.
Movie Night with Project-Nerd is all about movies! From favorite movies to favorite genres to favorite actors and directors. It’s all about what the guests want to talk about, and it’s all about nerding out.
Movie Night Podcast: Stanley Kubrick
This edition of Movie Night with Project-Nerd is all about the great Stanley Kubrick and his works. Project-Nerd staffers and the power couple of MHK, Adam and Lora, joined Iggy to discuss Stanley Kubrick and his fantastic career. What is our favorite Kubrick film? How has he helped us embrace cinema? And is there such thing as a bad Kubrick movie?
Let us know what your favorite movies are in the comments below.
For more on Movie Night with Project-Nerd, check out the Project-Nerd Productions page.
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