After a week off, the Nerdcast crew has returned!

This week we honed in the randomness and actually focused on one topic at a time... well, mostly. From big movies you've never seen to high definition media all the way to Game of Thrones and wrestling at C2E2. Yeah, we're still random this week but that's why you love us.

Season 3, Episode 11: Our High Definition Experience

The random fun that is the Nerdcast has returned for Season 3: The Search for Season 2. Join Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler with the occasional guests for a journey down pop-culture and geeky randomness. Can Tyler refrain from making fun of Iggy, will Adam ever not be level-headed, can Bob contain himself during our movie discussions, and will Iggy ever shut up? The Search for Season 2 might just lead to answers… and more!

Catch our regularly scheduled Nerdcast episodes on the Friday of each week. And for more on the Nerdcast and any of the Project-Nerd podcasts visit Project-Nerd and our Project-Nerd Productions page.

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