It’s time to put Project-Nerd’s personalities and their improv skills to the test.

This week in the giggle castle, your host Q is joined by comic guest Mary Jay Berger. Today's improv has Q fighting for his very existence while interviewing an interstellar pirate captain. One with an affinity for gnomes and deep hate for the color purple. Not the movie The Color Purple, that is a much revered and respected piece of no, she hates the literal color purple. Tune in to listen to this one go off of the proverbial space rails.

Find our guest, Mary Jay Berger: SpotifyTwitter

Join a rotating panel of Project-Nerd team members and a special guest comedian as they are given a random character description and asked to take part in a totally unpredictable, totally improvised, scenario. This is unscripted insanity at its best. This is the most unreal podcast on Project-Nerd. In fact, this is Project Unreal.

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