How many people can we get on here?

With Adam out and Tyler running late, Iggy invited the friends of Project-Nerd to come out and play. With as many as eight people on at once, The Nerdcast 133 gets exciting. Join Papa Bear, Sabrina from Nerdarium, Noah Smith Images, two-thirds of Sexy Nerd Science, Project-Nerd anime reviewer Jorge, as well as Tyler and Iggy for an hour of fun.

Episode 133: A Full House

Project-Nerd’s The Nerdcast is back and better than ever in 2017. Join Adam, Iggy, and Tyler as they bring you an hour of geeky goodness each week focusing on movies, comics, video games, cosplay, and just about anything else geek. Find out why Project-Nerd’s flagship podcast, which airs every Friday, has more than 10 intentional listeners and another 14,000 accidental ones.

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