Be ready to shed a tear, as we pay tribute to Stan “the man” Lee.

The Nerdcast takes on the big Stan Lee news this week, reacting to him passing away at 95. It gets easier after that, as the team discusses, in detail, the Detective Pikachu Trailer, pushes through an f-bomb filled argument about Pixar, and makes quick notes on the weekend box office, new video games, and more.

Episode 173: Zombie Time-Warp

Stan Lee Passes
Detective Pikachu Trailer
Toy Story 4 Teaser
Pixar Sequels & Originals
Grinch Opens Wide
Venom Grosses $111m in China
Padro Pascal Named as Lead for The Mandalorian
Spyro Drops for All Systems
Fallout 76 Drops
Project-Nerd’s I’m Not Famous Debuts
Final Thoughts

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