Adam is excited about the new Disney movie, Avalon Birds. It doesn't exist.

Adam, Iggy, and Tyler get straight to work discussing all the exciting things going on in geek and pop-culture. The movie industry is booming, with a big weekend happening and Disney sharing even more 2019 releases. But after the talk, the guys get deep into discussion on Bram Stoker’s Dracula being a Guilty Pleasure and Snowpiercer being the sequel to Willy Wonka. Yes, really.

Episode 176: Avalon Birds

  • Thanksgiving Recap
  • Avengers 4 Trailer Drop (Didn’t Happen)
  • “Live Action” Lion King Trailer Drops
  • Artemis Fowl Trailer Drops
  • Disney Going Big in 2019
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet, Roma, Creed II Hit Theaters
  • The Grinch, Fantastic Beasts 2 Help Fuel Box Office
  • Ballad of Buster Skruggs on Netflix
  • The Outlaw King on Netflix
  • Guillermo del Toro Shares Screenplays Written Including JLDark, Beauty & The Beast, Count of Monte Cristo
  • Netflix Announces Neon Genesis Evangelion & Ultraman Shows
  • Sony Skipping 2019 E3 (25th Anniversary)
  • Debate: Eric Diaz calls Bram Stoker’s Dracula a Guilty Pleasure
  • Discussion: Snowpiercer a Sequel to Willy Wonka?
  • Project-Nerd is on Patreon
  • Final Thoughts

Project-Nerd’s The Nerdcast is back and better than ever in 2018. Join Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler as they bring you an hour of geeky goodness each week focusing on movies, comics, video games, cosplay, and just about anything else geek. Find out why Project-Nerd’s flagship podcast, which airs every Friday, has more than 10 intentional listeners and thousands of accidental ones.

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