Congratulations to Lamont Wayne for winning Black Lightning: Season One on Blu-ray!

Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler set out to debate people trying to tell them Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. Wait, Tyler’s now saying it isn’t? What is this world?

The Die Hard Debate is here, and a few people get their arguments read on the show with Lamont Wayne ultimately winning the grand prize. But before the arguments started, the team talked Into the Spiderverse, Avengers, Lil Wayne & The Kool-Aid Man, Aquaman and other Holiday Movie Releases, Penny Marshall, as well as plenty of other geeky goodness.

Episode 178: There’s No Crying in Podcasting

  • Into The Spiderverse: Box Office, Sequel, Spinoff
  • Aquaman & Bumblebee Out This Weekend
  • Holmes & Watson, Vice on Christmas Day
  • Breaking Down Director Travis Knight (Bumblebee)
  • Penny Marshall Passes Away
  • Avengers: Endgame Trailer & News
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer
  • Bradley Whitford a “National Treasure”
  • Lil John & The Kool-Aid Man Released Christmas Rap
  • Peanuts Gets a New Apple Series: Snoopy to go to Space
  • The Great Die Hard Debate
  • Final Thoughts

Project-Nerd’s The Nerdcast is back and better than ever in 2018. Join Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler as they bring you an hour of geeky goodness each week focusing on movies, comics, video games, cosplay, and just about anything else geek. Find out why Project-Nerd’s flagship podcast, which airs every Friday, has more than 10 intentional listeners and thousands of accidental ones.

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