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What else would we call it? Maybe, Podcast of Winterfell? Bob is on overtime still, so he misses a week focused specifically on Avengers: Endgameand G...View Details

Jackie and Ethan welcome a new co-host, Alyssa! They talk about all of the Games of Game of Thrones! Episode 4: “A Song of Dice and Minis” The only po...View Details

Bob had to work, so Adam, Iggy, and Tyler recruited OCon Expo's Matt to talk all the things. There was much to discuss, with Star Wars Celebration wra...View Details

The 2019 ProNerd Tour was a blast and full of amazing moments. While the Project-Nerd team was hard at work all over the place, Bob’s job was manning ...View Details

Cat Guru might have stolen the show, but the team was having too much fun to care. The team is back home from an awesome adventure at Planet Comicon. ...View Details

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