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The Project-Nerd team was at Colorado Springs Comic Con this past weekend, and the content was abundant. The team sat down to grab a few podcasts, inc...View Details

Cos Mama and Dee Cay get strange up in here. Cos Mama and Dee Cay are back for another G Spot in which they talk all things going on, specifically Str...View Details

Episode 201 of The Nerdcast is sponsored by PN-Skate. The Nerdcast crew is all back, but they didn't see Good Boys. Adam, Bob, Iggy, and Tyler are all...View Details

We all know the rock opera chant, "Flash! Ah-ah. Savior of the universe." In fact, you're probably singing it not just reading it. And although Sam Jo...View Details

Matt Campbell, of Actionline Studios, joins Kerry and Iggy on the latest episode of I'm Not Famous. The three talk everything about comics, Matt's car...View Details

Jackie, Alyssa, and Ethan talk about games that are great for traveling. These gems have a lack of bits and are small sized. This was supposed to be o...View Details

Episode 200 of The Nerdcast is sponsored by Warfighter Engaged. This week's episode features Adam and Iggy catching up on all things geek, as well as ...View Details

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