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Congratulations. You got through our freshman course of Social Distancing. Now our sophomore level class is in session, and we're joined by a number o...View Details

The world is very different than it was just a week ago, and in a shortened episode (due to Governors addressing the states) the crew talks about how ...View Details

C2E2, the pop-culture event of Chicago, is always an adventure. The floor offers so much, including anime resources. Crunchyroll, the largest online a...View Details

The coronavirus is sweeping the nation, and events are being cancelled. The Nerdcast's Adam and Tyler break down that news as well as dive deep into B...View Details

C2E2, the pop-culture event of Chicago, always does an amazing job of including literary content and guests along with their comic content. Attending ...View Details

Iggy's still out visiting the amazing friends of Project-Nerd in the midwest after an eventful C2E2 weekend. So he sat down with James Wulfgar, CEO of...View Details

C2E2, the pop-culture event of Chicago, was as big as it has ever been, with talent up and down every aisle. In the heart of the floor was up-and-comi...View Details

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