Archive for October 2015

It’s here. The Nerdcast finally made it. 100 episodes!The series turns 100 and the team celebrates with some special memories of past episodes and the...View Details

Great Scott! We have to go back… but not too far back, because we’re at episode 99.One shy of 100, the team talks about the glorious geeky week that w...View Details

Fantasy Movie League. Coloring. Playboy. Ready Player One. Tallgrass Film Festival… and that barely covers it all.That’s right. The fifth season of th...View Details

The entire Nerdcast team is fresh off opening weekend for one of their most anticipated films of the year, The Martian.Erin, Adam, Iggy, and Tyler bre...View Details

The Nerdcast is brought to you by Nerd Kung Fu. Nerd Kung Fu is the online greek t-shirt and gift shop, wrapped in pure fandom, nostalgia, and great c...View Details

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